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For websites that share files or have links that lead away from the main website, we need to optimize the user experience, protect from incorrect links. So we need to create a link redirect page for Blogspot to protect the link, and also help you increase your income by placing ads on the redirect page. In this article, I will share the link redirect template for Blogspot.

What is a redirect?

Link redirects are a form of intermediary between the main website and the destination website. For example, your page is A, the redirect page is B, the destination page is C, then when the user clicks on the link you put on page A, they need to go through page B before reaching page C. it's very simple and effective. At the redirect page you can set up the reverse, content or advertising to increase revenue for the website.

Demo template redirect link for Blogspot

Check out the demo.


Link redirect template for Blogspot

Below is the link to download the link redirect template for Blogspot, please download and go to the custom instructions step.

Redirect Theme Template 18.KB .XML

Custom guide

Follow This Step:-

To customize you have to go to Themes > Edit HTML.

Tip: use Ctrl + F to find and edit faster.


Find the keyword "AbhishekTipsNtricks" to edit.


Search for the keyword "Home" to customize menus and links.


I customized it with #3B9DFF color code, you can find it and edit it to your favorite color code.

Countdown time

Look for the "var time=10" to change the countdown time (default is 10 seconds).

End of post

So you can create a link redirect page for Blogspot already. Thank you for viewing AbhishekTipsNtricks's article.


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