How You Get OneDrive 5TB Storage For Free Lifetime Just One Click

How You Get OneDrive 5TB Storage For Free Lifetime:-

Hey Guys I'm Abhishek, In this Post, I will share How You Get OneDrive 5TB Storage For Free Life Time,also you get Microsoft Office,365,in Sharepoint Plans For Free, Hurry Up Now.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is known as Personal DATA Cloud storage, where you can store your different data such as Photos, Videos, and Different Files and Documents.

The Microsoft Corporation owns it, and you might have come across it if you’ve used your PC or laptop with the Windows Operating system. Also, if you’ve used Office 365 on your Tablet or Smartphone, you might have known OneDrive.

OneDrive lets you upload your files to it’s could server, and you can access it easily from the web browser, Windows, or it’s own app. Microsoft has made OneDrive available for Android, iOS, Xbox, macOS, and Windows.

Early in January 2014, OneDrive used to known as SkyDrive. Microsoft became a lawsuit against British television broadcaster known as BskyB for using its name. After selling a lot of conflicts, Microsoft launched an improved design of OneDrive for the web on June 18, 2015.

Enough with some History and Details of OneDrive, Let’s move forward towards, Why Should we use it or Some Benefits of using OneDrive.

OneDrive Cloud Storage:-

Below we will list some of the Benefits Of Using OneDrive Cloud Storage.

1.Free Storage -

OneDrive Basic or Free plans provide with storage of 5GB, whereas if you subscribe to Office 365, it will increase the space from 1TB to 5TB.

Microsoft also provides a chance to earn storage. It provides a referral service where on every referral that signs up, you’ll get additional space for storage.

It also Provides Additional storage if users download their app into their smartphone to backup their photos from the camera.

If you feel like space is less, don’t worry, we will provide you an OneDrive for Business plan, which will increase your space up to 5TB.

2. Easily Accessible -

As we have mentioned before, You can Easily Access your files once you upload them to the OneDrive. Microsoft supports a wide range of devices, from smartphones to Laptops and Tablets. It is available from every platform like Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS.

It syncs your Every data, and not to mention that it also allows you to share your files to your clients or anyone that has access to Microsoft account.

Once your file is uploaded, just do the right-click, and you’ll see an option to share. After you click on the share, you can either mail it, or you can copy the link and share it directly.

3. A Collaboration with Office Apps -

Your OneDrive cloud storage is linked with other different Microsoft office apps. You can your team can get data and resources from a single centralized cloud server through OneDrive.

OneDrive for Business integrates with different Office apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and so on. You and your Team can easily extract the project files from the OneDrive and save it on a Real-Time Basis. How cool is that?

It also has a neat feature known as Version control, which allows you to roll back or restore the previous version of a project. That is very useful if your Team doesn’t aggress with changes or Deletes the file accidentally.

4. User-Friendly Interface -

Heres, Another cool benefit of using OneDrive. You don’t have to be the Professional to use OneDrive. It comes with clean and very easy to use interface.

It is very similar to copying and pasting files, as anyone familiar with Windows File Manager can use it. The UI is straightforward, and you can quickly look through folders to view the shared or uploaded files.

5. Security and Privacy -

It becomes a significant concern when it comes to Security and Privacy. You don’t want anyone to have a peek at your photos, files, and other sensitive data, do you?

But when it comes to Security and Privacy, OneDrive helps to fill every gap and fulfill all of our Privacy and Security concerns.

OneDrive for Business goes beyond essential cloud storage. It secures our Disks and files with a high level of encryption. It also has an option for Vault, which requires an authorization to open it.

You can safely add your sensitive data there without any privacy concerns. Administrators can set link sharing options, which helps them to provide links to viable organizations only.

The Topic doesn’t end here; OneDrive also has an option for link expiration. It gives access to view files for the allocated time set by the Administrator only.

6. Easy To Sync -

his feature is very beneficial for users who work with multiple devices. You can limit the number of devices allowed to view your file.

Users can now select and sync files that they want and make it available for a certain number of devices. You no longer have to worry about sharing data with your enter organizations.

However, You have to select the files manually for the File On-Demand. There are three different options available.

  • Online-Only Files – These are the types of File, which are always available, but you need an internet connection to open it.
  • Locally Available Files  – These are the types of File which are very similar to Online-Only Files. The difference is that you can access Locally Available files without any internet connection, as it is cached locally.
  • Always Available Files – As per the name suggests, they are the Types of Files, which is still available, and you can easily access them with or without the Internet.

So, these are all the benefits that you’ll get from the OneDrive. As I was writing this, I remembered a quote, “When Life Gives You a Lemon, Make a Lemonade.” Finally, Let’s move towards our primary goal, to get OneDrive 5TB Storage for Free.


  • Gmail Account

Follow This Step to Get One Drive 5TB Storage

Step 1 – You need to open 👉 this website👈 which generates a random email ID showing at right hand site at top corner.

You can also use Google Translate for translating the website because the site is in Chainese Language.

Step 2 -  Fill the All Details.
Step 3 - Boom You Get 5TB Space Free .
Step 4 - Then you have to change the password after logging in with the same ID and password.

Conclusion :-

On this post I have explained How You Get OneDrive 5TB Storage Fo Free LifeTime . I Hope this tutorial can be useful for you.Thank you for visiting AbhishekTipsNtricks


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